tour du cou ski vélo randonnée homologué avec masque chirurgical standard


Includes a standard surgical mask

HEIDIMASK is a face scarf that incorporates a hidden pocket to easily insert a replaceable standard surgical mask.

You can change the surgical mask easily, and you can machine wash your HEIDIMASK™ (40°C, no fabric softener, no dryer) as often as necessary.

In addition, HEIDIMASK™ includes the ability to use the adjustable standard nosepiece of the surgical mask for a secure and perfect fit around your nose.

Practical, Sleek and easy to operate
in the city, for sport or the mountain

HEIDIMASK™ is adaptable to any situation, like your daily activities and sport activities.

It is easy to put on and take off.

Your personal gear is fully compatible with HEIDIMASK™ without being attached to your ears, you can therefore easily wear HEIDIMASK™ with your gloves, helmet (bicycle, motorbike, ski, etc.), hat, headphones, etc.

The material is lightweight and sleek and easy to care for. It washes quickly, doesn’t fade easily, and has a very good fabric stability and consistency.

Furthermore, you can benefit from the protection of your surgical mask, without all the disadvantages.

With our 20 original & cool designs, you will find your ideal HEIDIMASK™ look both for your everyday city needs and your mountain adventures.


HEIDIMASK™ is made with 100% REPREVE®, a recycled polyester from 98% recycled plastic bottles for uncompromised performance with trusted sustainability.

Each HEIDIMASK™ = 2 recycled plastic bottles.

Without the surgical mask, you can use your HEIDIMASK™ as normal face scarf.

Every HEIDIMASK™ come with a re-usable Zip-Pocket. It is shipped using a compostable bag that you can dispose in your kitchen compost bag.

Tested and certified in Switzerland

Our masks have been tested and approved in Switzerland by the SQTS (Swiss Quality Testing Services) in Switzerland. It strictly follows the recommendation of the “Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force for community masks.

HEIDIMASK™ has therefore been deemed to offer sufficient protection for use in public transportation. It includes flights to and from Switzerland (including in airports), trains (including at train stations), buses (including at bus stops) and mountain installations, e.g. for skiers and snowboarders (Cable Car, Ski and Chair lifts waiting lines , mountain trains, etc.).